Q: What do you get when put a pig in a basket?

A: Shopping bargains!

CouponsHelper is a Chrome browser extension with an adorable little pink pig. The pigs looks in our database while you’re on the internet, and finds you coupon codes for the sites you visit. As soon as you’re on a page we have a coupon for, the pig starts flashing to let you know that you can save money! Click on the pig to get the coupon and save your money with online coupons!

What does it do?

CouponsHelper notifies you of online coupons while you’re browsing the web. You will never need to Google for a coupon code again. CouponsHelper will show you a notification if it has coupons for that particular website you are on. Click on the coupon to copy it, then paste into the promotional code box and you’ve just saved yourself some money.

Wait, wait, what are coupons?

Coupon codes are special numbers an online merchant sets. Using these numbers you can get the items you want for less money. Merchants use coupon codes to provide discounts, promote products and sell more of a particular object or service.

Coupon codes are sometimes called promotional codes, promo codes or discount codes. CouponsHelper has coupon codes for over 5000 merchants, with more added daily. You can also get our coupons from our Daily Deals section.

How do I get CouponsHelper?

CouponsHelper is completely free and on the Chrome Web Store. You can install the extension here.